Aria2 Download Manager through Entware

Aria2 is a file sharing program.

When you run a torrent, its data will be made available to others by means of upload.

Any content you share is your sole responsibility.

This version is for mipsel devices like RT-N16, RT-N66U, RT-AC66U...

1 - Install Entware from here

2 - Setup Lighttpd Web Server from here

3 - Install and start Aria2

opkg install aria2
/opt/etc/init.d/S81aria2 start

4 - Download WebUi for Aria2

wget -c -O /opt/tmp/ --no-check-certificate
unzip /opt/tmp/ -d /opt/tmp/ && rm /opt/tmp/
mv /opt/tmp/webui-aria2-master /opt/share/www/aria2

5 - Open in web browser, go to Settings, Connection Settings and input "Passw0rd" as secret token, and press on Save Connection configuration (this and other settings can be removed/changed by editing /opt/etc/aria2.conf file)


Default download folder is /opt/var/aria2/torrents and may be changed from gui or editing /opt/etc/aria2.conf

6 - Happy downloading...