How To Install MySQL Server + phpMyAdmin through Optware-NG

1 - Install Optware-NG from here and choose 2GB swap file

2 - Install lighttpd web server and php from here

3 - Install MySQL (ignore InnoDB: posix_fallocate errors)

ipkg install mysql

4 - Create a password for mysql root user, confirm password and press ENTER

/opt/bin/mysqladmin password

5 - Login to mysql shell

mysql -u root -p

 - Create your first database, user and password (change values in red)

mysql> create database my_first_db;
mysql> grant all privileges on my_first_db.* to my_first_db_username@localhost identified by 'my_first_db_password';
mysql> quit

7 - Download phpMyAdmin (change version number if is updated)

cd /opt/share/www/
wget --no-check-certificate
mv ./phpMyAdmin- ./phpmyadmin

8 - Install required packages

ipkg install php-mbstring php-mysql

9 - Restart lighttpd

/opt/etc/init.d/S80lighttpd restart

10 - Go to your router ip address and port 81/phpmyadmin or

phpmyadmin111 - Input credentials from point 6 then press Go


Now you are ready to make changes on desired databases