NZBGet through Entware

The most efficient usenet downloader

 Installation is simple, just follow this steps

1 - Install Entware-NG from here and choose at least 512Mb swap file (very important)

2 - Install NZBget

opkg install nzbget

3 - Fix config template path

sed -i 's|ConfigTemplate=.*|ConfigTemplate=/opt/share/nzbget/nzbget.conf.template|g' "/opt/share/nzbget/nzbget.conf"

4 - Start NZBget

/opt/etc/init.d/S75nzbget start

5 - Find default password, default usename is nzbget

cat /opt/share/nzbget/nzbget.conf | grep ControlPassword=

6 - Go to default router ip address and port 6789 and now you should see NZBget interface

You can change: username, password, port or various settings from gui or by editing /opt/share/nzbget/nzbget.conf manually