RuTorrent on AsusWRT router through Entware

RuTorrent is a file sharing program.

When you run a torrent, its data will be made available to others by means of upload.

Any content you share is your sole responsibility.

This version works on all supported routers: RT-N16, RT-N66U, RT-AC66U, RT-AC56U, RT-AC68U, RT-AC87U,  RT-AC88U,  RT-AC3200,  RT-AC5300...

1 - Install Entware-NG from here (should be a clean install if you installed lighttpd or rutorrent previously)

2 - Install RuTorrent with this super easy installer script

opkg install rtorrent-easy-install
#### Welcome to rtorrent easy installation script!
We assuming no lighttpd/rtorrent/rutorrent was installed before!
Please, answer a few question to configure torrent client.
Default aswers given in [brackets], just hit Enter to accept it.

Type "username:password" if you want to protect Web UI or hit Enter to leave password protection disabled []:
yourusername:yourpassword ENTER
Which port should be used by web interface? [81]: ENTER (it's better to leave it 81)
Enter (maximal) download speed in KB/s [2048]: ENTER or 0 (zero) for unlimited download speed
Enter (maximal) upload speed in KB/s [2048]: ENTER or 0 (zero) for unlimited upload speed
Enter folder name on USB drive where torrent content should be stored [/opt/torrents]: /mnt/sda1/rutorrent ENTER (change sda1 with your disk label)
Done! You may open 51411-51412 TCP/UDP ports on your router to facilitate uploading/donwloading. It's not necessary but recommended.
Rutorrent web UI will be available at following URL: https://router-ip-address:81/rutorrent
Do you wish to start torrent client? [y]: ENTER
Starting lighttpd... done.
Starting rtorrent... done.
[email protected]:/tmp/home/root#

 3 - Go to and input username & password you choose previously

Happy downloading


• If you want to access rutorrent from WAN like work, school, smartphone, tablet or some other device we need to open the port 81 but the firmware doesn't allow port forwarding to the router himself, for that we will use the scripts on /jffs partition:

Create firewall rules

nano /jffs/scripts/firewall-start

Paste this lines in terminal


iptables -I INPUT -p tcp --destination-port 81 -j ACCEPT
iptables -I INPUT -p tcp --destination-port 51411 -j ACCEPT
iptables -I INPUT -p udp --destination-port 51411 -j ACCEPT
iptables -I INPUT -p udp --destination-port 51412 -j ACCEPT


Save with CTRL-O / Enter / and exit with CTRL-X
 Make scripts executable and apply rules
chmod a+rx /jffs/scripts/*
sh /jffs/scripts/firewall-start

Now go to yourwanipaddress/rutorrent


/opt/etc/init.d/S85rtorrent stop
/opt/etc/init.d/S80lighttpd stop

Install necessary packages

opkg install curl php5-mod-json php5-cli


Search for available plugins on entware repository
opkg find rutorrent-plugin*
[email protected]:/tmp/home/root# opkg find rutorrent-plugin*
rutorrent-plugin-_getdir - 3.6-2 - This is a _getdir Rutorrent plugin.
rutorrent-plugin-_noty - 3.6-2 - This is a _noty Rutorrent plugin.
rutorrent-plugin-_task - 3.6-2 - This is a _task Rutorrent plugin.
rutorrent-plugin-autotools - 3.6-2 - This is a autotools Rutorrent plugin.
rutorrent-plugin-check_port - 3.6-2 - This is a check_port Rutorrent plugin.
rutorrent-plugin-chunks - 3.6-2 - This is a chunks Rutorrent plugin.
rutorrent-plugin-cookies - 3.6-2 - This is a cookies Rutorrent plugin.
rutorrent-plugin-cpuload - 3.6-2 - This is a cpuload Rutorrent plugin.
rutorrent-plugin-create - 3.6-2 - This is a create Rutorrent plugin.
rutorrent-plugin-data - 3.6-2 - This is a data Rutorrent plugin.
rutorrent-plugin-datadir - 3.6-2 - This is a datadir Rutorrent plugin.
rutorrent-plugin-diskspace - 3.6-2 - This is a diskspace Rutorrent plugin.
rutorrent-plugin-edit - 3.6-2 - This is a edit Rutorrent plugin.
rutorrent-plugin-erasedata - 3.6-2 - This is a erasedata Rutorrent plugin.
rutorrent-plugin-extratio - 3.6-2 - This is a extratio Rutorrent plugin.
rutorrent-plugin-extsearch - 3.6-2 - This is a extsearch Rutorrent plugin.
rutorrent-plugin-feeds - 3.6-2 - This is a feeds Rutorrent plugin.
rutorrent-plugin-filedrop - 3.6-2 - This is a filedrop Rutorrent plugin.
rutorrent-plugin-geoip - 3.6-2 - This is a geoip Rutorrent plugin.
rutorrent-plugin-history - 3.6-2 - This is a history Rutorrent plugin.
rutorrent-plugin-httprpc - 3.6-2 - This is a httprpc Rutorrent plugin.
rutorrent-plugin-ipad - 3.6-2 - This is a ipad Rutorrent plugin.
rutorrent-plugin-loginmgr - 3.6-2 - This is a loginmgr Rutorrent plugin.
rutorrent-plugin-lookat - 3.6-2 - This is a lookat Rutorrent plugin.
rutorrent-plugin-mediainfo - 3.6-2 - This is a mediainfo Rutorrent plugin.
rutorrent-plugin-ratio - 3.6-2 - This is a ratio Rutorrent plugin.
rutorrent-plugin-retrackers - 3.6-2 - This is a retrackers Rutorrent plugin.
rutorrent-plugin-rpc - 3.6-2 - This is a rpc Rutorrent plugin.
rutorrent-plugin-rss - 3.6-2 - This is a rss Rutorrent plugin.
rutorrent-plugin-rssurlrewrite - 3.6-2 - This is a rssurlrewrite Rutorrent plugin.
rutorrent-plugin-rutracker_check - 3.6-2 - This is a rutracker_check Rutorrent plugin.
rutorrent-plugin-scheduler - 3.6-2 - This is a scheduler Rutorrent plugin.
rutorrent-plugin-screenshots - 3.6-2 - This is a screenshots Rutorrent plugin.
rutorrent-plugin-seedingtime - 3.6-2 - This is a seedingtime Rutorrent plugin.
rutorrent-plugin-show_peers_like_wtorrent - 3.6-2 - This is a show_peers_like_wtorrent Rutorrent plugin.
rutorrent-plugin-source - 3.6-2 - This is a source Rutorrent plugin.
rutorrent-plugin-theme - 3.6-2 - This is a theme Rutorrent plugin.
rutorrent-plugin-throttle - 3.6-2 - This is a throttle Rutorrent plugin.
rutorrent-plugin-tracklabels - 3.6-2 - This is a tracklabels Rutorrent plugin.
rutorrent-plugin-trafic - 3.6-2 - This is a trafic Rutorrent plugin.
rutorrent-plugin-unpack - 3.6-2 - This is a unpack Rutorrent plugin.
[email protected]:/tmp/home/root#

Install desired plugin, I choose RSS for now

opkg install rutorrent-plugin-rss

Start RuTorrent

/opt/etc/init.d/S80lighttpd start
/opt/etc/init.d/S85rtorrent start

Go to and add some feeds





If you have difficulties with installation process or usage, copy paste from terminal the next commands and post here followed by issue details:

uname -a


Thanks @netware5 & @ryzhov_al

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